Confederate Pensions

Confederate Pension Application Files
Texas State Archives

Texas Confederate Veterans Pension Applications for Tom Green County are at the Texas State Electronic Library  and while they charge a fee for copies, it is very reasonable and they always are helpful and considerate. Also they bill with the copies. You can also order files by submitting the file information by email.

The information in the applications is very complete and usually contains parents, spouse, date of birth, date of marriage, how long in Texas, present address and how long at present address. They will also contain other family members in the references or Interrogatories, which is usually by family members.

A rejected application means usually that their service could not be verified, that they did not serve long enough, or they took the oath of allegiance before Lee surrendered the Army of the Appomattox. There can be more than one application also. If there is more than one, when you request information, all applications by that person is sent.

Applicant Name App # County Husband Husband’s App #
Acton, S. N. 18437 Tom Green
Adams, James M. 5118 Tom Green
Adney, Elizabeth 7976 Tom Green Adney, W. A.
Alderette, Ramona 14007 Tom Green Alderette, Pablo
Alexander, Francis R. 45056 Tom Green Alexander, J. P. 39162
Anderson, Elizabeth 9819 Tom Green Anderson, J. W. 3886
Anderson, J. W. 3886 Tom Green
Armstrong, Sarah 39970 Tom Green Armstrong, Alfred William
Arnett, Alonzo 28390 Tom Green
Arnett, Alonzo (Mrs) 36380 Tom Green Arnett, Alonzo 28390
Arrowood, Elizabeth 32265 Tom Green Arrowood, McDaniel 26891
Arrowood, McDaniel 26891 Tom Green
Arthur, Eliza Jane 32037 Tom Green Arthur, Steven Dexter
Barker, David 45144 Tom Green
Barker, John 42308 Tom Green
Barker, John (Mrs) 43846 Tom Green Barker, John 42308
Barker, S. C. (Mrs) 12154 Tom Green Barker, William 11696
Bass, John Bedell Rejected Tom Green
Bass, S. A. (Mrs) 16705 Tom Green Bass, Sumner Harney
Bates, Mary M. 51573 Tom Green Bates, Reubin Columbus 20752
Bates, Reubin Columbus 20752 Tom Green
Bearfield, James Andrew 33502 Tom Green
Bearfield, Tabitha 42514 Tom Green Bearfield, James Andrew 33502
Belcher, Loucrecia 49647 Tom Green Belcher, Thomas
Bell, John P. 33447 Tom Green
Berryman, J. M. 43161 Tom Green
Blakemore, M. E. (Mrs) 12156 Tom Green Blakemore, John Thomas 3034
Blanks, William Henry 23263 Tom Green
Bockman, J. G. Rejected Tom Green
Bolding, James Alison 23350 Tom Green
Boyd, James (Mrs) 34898 Tom Green Boyd, James 26166
Boyd, T. D. (Mrs) 42568 Tom Green Boyd, Theodore D. 36712
Boyd, Theodore D. 36712 Tom Green
Brooks, William Henry (Mrs) 43189 Tom Green Brooks, William Henry
Brown, Annie 20394 Tom Green Brown, William Lunsford
Brown, Ezekiel Meriman (Mrs) 42011 Tom Green Brown, Ezekiel Meriman
Brown, Jessie C. (Mrs) 42315 Tom Green Brown, Jessie C. 23609
Bryan, Martha 29140 Tom Green Bryan, John Samuel Phelps
Bulger, William Jefferson 29745 Tom Green
Bulger, William Jefferson (Mrs) 42737 Tom Green Bulger, William Jefferson 29745
Bullock, Thomas Franklin 24641 Tom Green
Bunn, Mary A. 11659 Tom Green Bunn, W. M.
Cade, James Landrich 19980 Tom Green
Cade, Sarah 27420 Tom Green Cade, James Landrich 19980
Carpenter, Mary A. 19913 Tom Green Carpenter, Andrew Jackson
Clark, Tabitha 38915 Tom Green Clark, William Asa 32870
Clark, W. A. (Mrs) Rejected Tom Green Clark, W. A.
Clay, Francis Marion (Mrs) 16704 Tom Green Clay, Francis Marion 6300
Cochran, John L. 3888 Tom Green
Cocke, Thomas Foster 11273 Tom Green
Collins, Olivia Russell 47256 Tom Green Collins, John Ford
Collins, Romulus Madison (Mrs) Rejected Tom Green Collins, Romulus Madison
Cook, William Andrew 26212 Tom Green
Craig, J. M. 3887 Tom Green
Crow, Mary Ann 27705 Tom Green Crow, Thomas English 17607
Curington, Margie Ann 20904 Tom Green Curington, William Thomas
Deane, John Darnell 3889 Tom Green
Dickey, D. H. 18435 Tom Green
Ditmore, Henry 34221 Tom Green
Douthit, James Eden (Mrs) 36662 Tom Green Douthit, James Eden
Dozier, Dora F. 52029 Tom Green Dozier, Benjamin Wesley
Dragoo, Benjamin Crawford 29172 Tom Green
Dugan, James Polk 45859 Tom Green
Dugan, James Polk (Mrs) 51477 Tom Green Dugan, James Polk 45859
Duncan, George W. 26227 Tom Green
Duncan, John William 21413 Tom Green
Dunson, William Harrison 30406 Tom Green
Early, Mary Scott 30790 Tom Green Early, Thomas Peter
Edwards, John David 22843 Tom Green
Elmore, Daniel Belle 50895 Tom Green Elmore, Stephen Elmore
Ervin, Eleanor 51937 Tom Green Ervin, James E.
Etheridge, L. J. (Mrs) 38444 Tom Green Etheridge, Thomas Adolphus
Felton, Ginnethon Davis 30623 Tom Green
Fisher, Ella E. 39454 Tom Green Fisher, Lorenzo Clarke
Fite, C. C. Rejected Tom Green
Fite, Joseph Hiram 51356 Tom Green
Fite, Joseph Hiram (Mrs) Rejected Tom Green Fite, Joseph Hiram 51356
Flores, Justa 8803 Tom Green Flores, Felix
Ford, Mary Matilda 23936 Tom Green Ford, James Buford
Ford, S. S. (Mrs) 18439 Tom Green Ford, William Sutton
Foreman, Lydia Jane 46803 Tom Green Foreman, William Wallace
Foster, Nancie 25788 Tom Green Foster, James L.
Fulcher, Laura A. 18438 Tom Green Fulcher, Nathaniel Peter
Gallemore, C. J. (Mrs) 16708 Tom Green Gallemore, John Carswell
Glaser, Melinda Berry 21302 Tom Green Glaser, Julius Herman 13051
Gordon, J. A. 5117 Tom Green
Graston, David E. (Mrs) 37099 Tom Green Graston, David E.
Gray, J. R. 18433 Tom Green
Hail, Elizabeth B. 36635 Tom Green Hail, Oscar Fitzhugh (fitzallen) 26036
Hail, Oscar Fitzallen (Fitzhugh) 26036 Tom Green
Hall, Joseph Homes 23574 Tom Green
Hall, Joseph Homes (Mrs) 37751 Tom Green Hall, Joseph Homes 23574
Hall, Lucinda Humphreys 29242 Tom Green Hall, William Fletcher
Hanks, Ealy C. 18443 Tom Green Hanks, Thomas Wilson
Hannum, John (Mrs) 38144 Tom Green Hannum, John
Hanson, Harriet Evelyn 30943 Tom Green Hanson, James Oliver 14008
Hanson, James Oliver 14008 Tom Green
Hanson, Lucinda Rejected Tom Green Hanson, A. Q.
Harkins, Hethey 24157 Tom Green Harkins, John Francis
Harmon, John T. 8801 Tom Green
Hartley, W. C. Rejected Tom Green
Harvey, Emma 35639 Tom Green Harvey, John Sumner 20097
Harvey, John Sumner 20097 Tom Green
Hays, Elizabeth White Rejected Tom Green White, Robert
Heard, Q. M. 9907 Tom Green
Herbert, J. H. Rejected Tom Green
Hewitt, Sophia Catherine 32711 Tom Green Hewitt, William
Hill, James Moore 11661 Tom Green
Hill, Laura V. 18442 Tom Green Hill, James Moore 11661
Hillis, Sarah D. Rejected Tom Green Hillis, Stephen H.
Hinde, James Overton (Mrs) 49127 Tom Green Hinde, James Overton
Houghton, Theodore Mortimer 26380 Tom Green
House, Leonard Washington 24010 Tom Green
Howell, Addie M. 10484 Tom Green Howell, Clark F.
Huling, Mary G. Rejected Tom Green Huling, George Sterling
Humphreys, Emma Rejected Tom Green Humphreys, James Polk
Hunley, W. L. Rejected Tom Green
Hutcheson, R. M. Rejected Tom Green
Israel, James Michael 24303 Tom Green
Jeffers, W. B. 14010 Tom Green
Johnson, James Iredell 25832 Tom Green
Johnson, P. B. 36433 Tom Green
Johnson, R. R. Rejected Tom Green
Johnson, Rebecca 38001 Tom Green Johnson, James Van Buran
Johnson, William Major 20651 Tom Green
Johnston, Malvira 14444 Tom Green Johnston, James
Jones, Edward Livingston 20630 Tom Green
Jones, I. W. 39646 Tom Green
Jones, James Monroe 36408 Tom Green
Jones, Lelia Elizabeth 32619 Tom Green Jones, Edward Livingston 20630
Jones, Maggie C. 46334 Tom Green Jones, James Monroe 36408
Jones, William B. Rejected Tom Green
Keeling, Mary E. 19289 Tom Green Keeling, John Robert
Kelly, Adell Gunter Sproles 46320 Tom Green Gunter, Lemuel 35885
Kemp, William A. 3890 Tom Green
Kennedy, William Daniel 35731 Tom Green
Kile, John Wesley 19288 Tom Green
Kilpatrick, George W. Home Tom Green
Kilpatrick, Mary 38932 Tom Green Kilpatrick, George William Home
Kincaid, Sarah Elizabeth 32566 Tom Green Kincaid, William James 28047
Kincaid, William James 28047 Tom Green
King, John C. 16706 Tom Green
King, M. A. (Mrs) 29828 Tom Green King, William Leeman
King, W. R. 12157 Tom Green
Lock, Luttie E. 38183 Tom Green Lock, Thor (thomas) Richard 14443
Lock, Thomas (Thor) Richard 14443 Tom Green
Loggins, Robert Martin (Mrs) 38853 Tom Green Loggins, Robert Martin
Low, Isaac Barton 19859 Tom Green
Low, J. B. 3891 Tom Green
Martin, Thomas Jefferson (Mrs) 49476 Tom Green Martin, Thomas Jefferson
Martin, William B. 34739 Tom Green
Mason, Rodney Jasper (Mrs) 47488 Tom Green Mason, Rodney Jasper
Massey, E. A. (Mrs) 9820 Tom Green Massey, W. L. 5116
Massey, W. L. 5116 Tom Green
Mayes, Hollen Coffee 32027 Tom Green
Mayes, Rachel 37564 Tom Green Mayes, Hollen Coffee 32027
Mayfield, Gertrude Howard Rejected Tom Green Mayfield, John Elbert
McClelland, William Rejected Tom Green
McCrary, Smith Sanford 19652 Tom Green
McCrary, Smith Sanford (Mrs) 36583 Tom Green McCrary, Smith Sanford 19652
McJunkin, Samuel B. 38610 Tom Green
Menielle, Emile (Mrs) Rejected Tom Green Menielle, Emile
Mercer, Sarah B. Rejected Tom Green Mercer, Levi
Miller, John Henry 31772 Tom Green
Milton, Syntha 51161 Tom Green Milton, Andrew Benjamin
Mims, David Henry 22824 Tom Green
Mims, David Henry (Mrs) 42530 Tom Green Mims, David Henry 22824
Mitchel, John Bent 14009 Tom Green
Mitchell, Sue Rejected Tom Green Mitchell, William Edward
Montgomery, E. S. (Mrs) 11657 Tom Green Montgomery, Thomas
Montgomery, Elizabeth 12155 Tom Green H. M., Dr. 547
Moor, Liza Jane 32847 Tom Green Moor, Austin Henry
Moore, Anderson Alexander 26805 Tom Green
Moore, Anderson Alexander (Mrs) 35552 Tom Green Moore, Anderson Alexander 26805
Moore, Louisa Melinda 21118 Tom Green Moore, Samuel 9449
Moorhead, James Henry 24373 Tom Green
Morris, Hezekiah Wiley 27569 Tom Green
Morris, John P. 16707 Tom Green
Murphy, William 20238 Tom Green
Nesmith, J. G. 19540 Tom Green
Nicholson, Matilda Ann 30147 Tom Green Nicholson, James Archie 7582
Noe, Mary Jane 20379 Tom Green Noe, John Henry
Nutt, P. B. 3892 Tom Green
Odom, William Harry (Mrs) 41651 Tom Green Odom, William Harry
Owens, Amanda Rejected Tom Green Owens, John R.
Peers, George Benjamin 27450 Tom Green
Phillips, Fannie U. 40556 Tom Green Phillips, Zachariah Taylor 24858
Potter, Emily C. 9114 Tom Green Potter, A. J.
Power, John Isaac Rejected Tom Green
Pruett, John R. 11660 Tom Green
Raburn, John 10756 Tom Green
Rawls, Margaret Rejected Tom Green Rawls, J. T.
Reading, George W. 31823 Tom Green
Reasonover, Elizabeth V. 51152 Tom Green Reasonover, Jordan 24471
Reasonover, Jordan 24471 Tom Green
Ringer, Araminta 22960 Tom Green Ringer, John Henry
Ritter, Sarah Josephine 33388 Tom Green Ritter, Van Buren 10755
Ritter, Van Buren 10755 Tom Green
Robinson, John Alexander 51925 Tom Green
Rogers, James Mallard 28094 Tom Green
Rogers, William Henry H. (Mrs) 35047 Tom Green Rogers, William Henry Harrison 22049
Rogers, William Henry Harrison 22049 Tom Green
Rutherford, Mary Etta Rejected Tom Green Rutherford, James McCullough
Schumacher, John 10485 Tom Green
Sharp, Hiram (Mrs) 43607 Tom Green Sharp, Hiram 33575
Shelton, K. J. 27692 Tom Green Shelton, George Anderson
Shrum, William 34713 Tom Green
Simpson, Texana 42169 Tom Green Simpson, Enos Lee
Smith, J. Boyd 34803 Tom Green
Smith, M. J. (Mrs) 8488 Tom Green
Smith, Rebecca 33390 Tom Green Smith, Luke Petty 22546
Snider, Amanda Rejected Tom Green Snider, Chester
Spiva, E. M. (Mrs) 9113 Tom Green Spiva, James W. 3893
Spiva, James W. 3893 Tom Green
Spring, Oscar Frazier 31376 Tom Green
Stewart, G. W. 8802 Tom Green
Stutesman, Oliver 31302 Tom Green
Teal, William James Jonathan (Mrs) 38784 Tom Green Teal, William James Jonathan 19941
Terry, Thomas Louis 22755 Tom Green
Thomason, Tom White 24946 Tom Green
Thompson, Margaret 38974 Tom Green Thompson, Rush
Torbett, Granville 19583 Tom Green
Trew, Thomas Jefferson 23741 Tom Green
Vining, E. G. 6782 Tom Green
Vining, S. A. (Mrs) 19651 Tom Green Vining, Edmund Green
Walker, T. B. 42186 Tom Green
Wall, James Madison 27269 Tom Green
Wall, Joseph Wylie 36970 Tom Green
Warnock, Henry Clay 36872 Tom Green
Waterhouse, Sarah 45569 Tom Green Waterhouse, William M. 20945
Watson, Julia Ellen 32553 Tom Green Watson, William Marion 10754
Watson, William Marion 10754 Tom Green
West, John M. Rejected Tom Green
Westbrook, Martha Jane 27855 Tom Green Westbrook, Robert Henry
Wheat, A. A. (Mrs) 18440 Tom Green Wheat, Lucius Quntus Cincuna 08365 Missing
Whitton, W. A. 9115 Tom Green
Wilkerson, Alexander 22972 Tom Green
Wilkerson, Kathleen 40939 Tom Green Wilkerson, Alexander 22972
Willcox, J. J. 9946 Tom Green
Williams, George W. 11272 Tom Green
Williams, H. C. (Mrs) 42799 Tom Green Williams, H. C. 30793
Williams, Warren 34261 Tom Green
Williams, Z. I. 18436 Tom Green
Wilson, Anna D. 50941 Tom Green Wilson, Jesse Stanley
Wilson, James Nathaniel 22702 Tom Green
Wilson, M. J. (Mrs) 18441 Tom Green Wilson, David Goodwin
Winfree, Tom 11658 Tom Green
Withers, Martha E. Sutton 51099 Tom Green Sutton, William
Womack, Richard H. 46493 Tom Green
Woodward, Martha Ann 45934 Tom Green Woodward, Samuel Parker
Woolworth, Mary Jane 41186 Tom Green Woolworth, Justus Morgan
Wright, William Douglas (Mrs) 35147 Tom Green Wright, William Douglas 16473
Yarbrough, Robert Thompson 11271 Tom Green